Disney World - Kathy

Wow, you are amazing! Your folder of goodies is so impressive! Thank you very much for all you have done to prepare us for the trip. It’s great getting all your little surprises. I can’t tell you how fun it was looking through the folder and seeing all the confirmation numbers included with the schedules. And the fast pass reminders are great.

Italy - Wes

My wife and I wanted to take a two week trip through Italy but when we first started planning it we were overwhelmed by the amount of information available and how many decisions we had to make. Stacey was incredibly helpful to us in figuring out where to stay, arranging transportation between stops, deciding which sites to see and which to skip which ones to buy tickets for in advance. And any time that we asked a question that she didn’t already know the answer to, she was relentless in finding the answer! We will definitely have her help us plan our next trip.

Africa, Mexico, Universal - Trina

Stacey has been a travel agent for me and my family for several years. She is passionate about travel, and she is passionate about helping people. She has ideas on how to save money, options that are outside of the box, and is focused on making her clients happy. And I am a happy client! She also is not the type to book something for you and then you never hear from her – nope – she is hands-on throughout. Try using her as your travel agent. Just do it!

Hawaii, Mexico, Cruises, Europe - Jim

Our family has used Stacey to book all of our travel for the past few years. She has never disappointed us. Every detail is taken care and we never have had a problem. She knows the questions to ask before we even think of them. We HIGHLY recommend Stacey to anybody needed to arrange a vacation.

Spain - Sylvia

The detailed daily itinerary was the best.  Guarded it like a bible.  Having all the addresses, tickets, info was wonderful.  Simply went to the page of the day and started our day.    Your availability, even though it was night to our day and the fact that you were actually trying to live your life, it was reassuring to me to hear your voice.   I wish I could fit you into my backpack.

Carnival Cruise - Yvonne

Richard gave me the folder and Jack and I were just looking through all of it over breakfast!!! What an awesome folder of information and goodies!!! Can’t wait for the scavenger hunt – Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!! Thank you for everything – YOU are the BEST!!!! We wish you were going with us!!

Disney World - Chuck

We are still telling people how great you were to us.  One may equate you to the super hero of travel agents.  Do you wear a cape?

Disney World - Melissa

Thank you for putting this together!!! It really helps with planning.  You Rock!

Disney - Ankur

This was the best planned vacation ever!