Europe is never far away.

Well, sure, there’s the Atlantic Ocean and those eight-hour flights, but the Old Continent is always with us, constantly nagging at us to remember its magic.

That croissant and espresso for breakfast? France and Italy on a crumb-strewn plate, or did you go for the English muffin or a Belgian waffle? Even the humble hamburger is named after a German port. But why let Europe remain just a pervasive presence on every diner menu? Why not witness the magnificent, complex, historic and seductive continent up close and personal?

There are a few caveats (one of those lovely ancient European words that come in so useful) before you reach for the passport. Let’s not be like those people from National Lampoon movies, doing ‘Yoorp’ in a whirlwind ten-day bus tour (‘OK folks, it’s Athens, one hour max. . .’). To make the most of your trip, it helps to have a focus, and a little guidance, which is where we come in.

Whether you need a detailed itinerary, flights, hotels or practical information, we can help ensure your European adventure remains memorable for all the right reasons.

The temptation is to try to pack in too much. This runs the risk of sensory overload. If great cities fascinate you, hone in on one or two. Get to know the real London beyond Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. Discover the hipster bars of Shoreditch or the gourmet aisles of Borough Market. When in Paris, it’s fun to climb the Eiffel Tower or listen to the accordionists in Montmartre, but take the time to stroll the Marais and check out the flea markets in Clignancourt too.

Some of the most rewarding itineraries are those that mix cultural sightseeing with plenty of indulgent relaxation. We can suggest excursions and fun activities that ensure that Europe retains its allure rather than becoming another long line at a gallery, another hot climb to another Gothic cathedral.

So a visit to the awe-inspiring Sistine Chapel in Rome should be followed by something in marked contrast, maybe a stroll round local food markets or investigating great little eateries offering suppli (the Roman fried rice balls) or pizza. Similarly, in Venice, the medieval glories of St. Mark’s Basilica are all the more memorable after a lazy morning cruising the waterways in a gondola.

For beach-lovers, Europe can be a paradise. Head east on an island-hopping tour of the Aegean, where it’s possible to enjoy the buzz of a 21st -century beachfront night-club one night and soak up the ancient serenity of a hilltop Byzantine church the following morning. Or afternoon, if the local wine had been a little too delicious.

The prospect of a European vacation can seem overwhelming as well as exciting. So much to see, so many experiences waiting over there. We can help make it magical. Whether you are heading to Europe to trace family roots, soak up some culture or enjoy a fabulous honeymoon, we can point you in the right direction and say bienvenido, willkommen, bienvenue, benvenuto, failte . . .  to a continent of infinite delights.

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